Heating glass, properly configured using the IQ Radiant Heating Glass System eliminates condensation, mold and bacteria associated with excess condensation. In this article we review how IQ Radiant Heating Glass™ can be used in critical areas such as indoor swimming pools where mold and condensation are chronic problems.

IQ Radiant Glass Heating Systems offer innovative solutions for indoor pools: ✧ Eliminating all condensation on the glass ✧ Providing even thermal comfort regardless of outside temperature and the amount of exterior glazing ✧ Provides radiant thermal comfort at lower ambient temperatures ✧ Eliminate forced air heating and the associated drafts that cause swimmer discomfort ✧ Lower energy consumption by 30-35%

Monday, April 3, 2017

IQ Radiant Glass provides thermal comfort, lower energy consumption and eliminates glass condensation in natatoriums

  • An R-2 window in an  R-19 wall creates a cold zone during winter months
  • Heat transfers  from a warm interior to a cold exterior through  the window glass 
  • Indoor air passing by the window is cooled and if the dew point temperature occurs, water vapor condenses on the glass
  • The degree of window condensation can be a slight nuisance or extensive enough to lead to Serious Health Consequences as well as major maintenance and building repair
  • Conventional methods use duct work and forced air to wash the surface of the glass to varying affects
  • Moving air can chill and cause discomfort to swimmers
  • We have a healthier, less expensive and more effective solution to this problem
  • IQ Radiant Glass has over thirty years of experience and we want to share that experience with you and your company

We hope that we piqued your interest about the many benefits to using IQ Radiant Glass Window Systems on your Natatorium, Spa or other Architectural Projects, (Arboretums and Conservatories for example).